Rug Rats offers many different styles and designs so you can find the one that suits your needs.

We can also modify the colors of any Custom Rug. We also have the ability to change the materials used, their size, shape, and even their design. The custom design rugs gallery images do not limit your options. The custom rug gallery allows you to select the right rug for your project and gives you new ideas.

Rugs that can be customized to your specifications

Rug Rats is a well-respected company that provides high quality custom area rugs in high quality designs and exceptional customer service. This reputation has been built over 30+years. We work closely together with our clients to make sure they receive the ideal custom-sized rug to match their needs. Our staff is available to provide free design help and quotes. The Rug Rat’s mission is to make sure you have the right custom rug.

Our custom rugs are great for your business, school and home. One of our custom rug designs can be displayed at your next tradeshow. They make the perfect addition for special events or certain areas of your home and business. A custom logo rug is a memorable gift that lasts a lifetime.

Custom Rugs

Rug Rats can provide you with a virtually unlimited range of colors. We can work with any color you provide. It doesn’t matter if it is a textile, a color sample, or an art piece. There are endless customization possibilities. We can cut your custom rug to any shape you wish. This means you can create your own custom rug with a creative or playful design. The design can also fit onto a specific wall.

Rug Rats have easy access to the fastest digital printer. Our printer can print at very high resolutions, resulting in crisp and clear images. This technology is combined to create handcrafted rugs. Our rugs blend digital technology with artisan skills to create unique logo rugs. We ship to all over countries.

The process of designing a custom rug

The first step of the process is choosing a design. We are always ready to help with this step. After you select your desired design, we will provide a custom rug render. This will give you a better idea how your custom rug should look. It’s very exciting. The rendering gives you an opportunity to view the possible design of your new custom area rug.

Custom Rug Design Gallery

Below is a gallery of rugs that will give you an idea of the possibilities for your custom rug. This is a great starting point. Here you can find out if we have your ideal design. You can also get inspiration and ideas about your new custom rug.

Rug Rats takes pride in the reputation we have built over 30 years. We take pride in every logo mat or custom rug that we make. These are custom-made works of art and also use cutting-edge technology in digital printing. This combination creates beautiful visuals. Rug Rats guarantees the highest quality custom rug. They are also a highly durable investment that can pay dividends over many years.