Four Steps to Promote Your Business Videos on YouTube

So as a business are you frustrated with all these new social media strategies let alone how to use YouTube to help your business.

There are currently very few businesses leveraging the power of YouTube to drive traffic and increase business for themselves. Many baulk at creating their own videos and setting up their own channel. However, those of you that are not are missing out on a 3 billion a day viewed platform. The problem is that most business owners test the waters with YouTube by uploading a few videos and walk away expecting fantastic results in a few weeks’ time. They return to see that their videos have only had a few views so they get disheartened and give up.

So for all that time and effort was it really worth it? Well all is not lost as I am going to give you the top four powerful action steps to breathe life back into your existing videos and resurrect your efforts.

So if you are looking to get returns from your YouTube efforts and increase more traffic and leads and sales, YouTube has incredible potential to help you achieve this.

So action 1 is all around keywords. What are keywords? Well they are simply the search terms that people type into Google every day. It is a common mistake for businesses that they will upload videos that are not optimised for the right keywords. Having the right keywords means that your video will show up in the right Google searches.

You can find the right keywords by using the Google free keyword tool and find the right keywords for your particular business or product. You will see the words and phrases that people are searching for online in relation to your business. You can then use these keywords in the tag sections of your videos and the description of your videos, that way they will show up in the correct searches and niche searches for your particular business

The second key action is to use a Call To Action Overlay or CTA. You need to tell people exactly what to do when watching your video and how to do it. The CTA is a fully customized banner ad that allows you to click and go straight to your website – how cool is that!

It takes a few minutes to set up but it is well worth it as is converts your video into a highly targeted traffic machine.

The third key action is to make sure you add your domain name at the beginning of your video description. Don’t forget to use the full description i.e. http:// my website. This is another place where people can click and go straight to your website.

The fourth and final key action is to use Annotations. Annotations can be extremely effective if you use them properly. It takes about 30 seconds to set up and create and you can turn your videos into clickable links to get your customers to subscribe to your channel or to like your video.

So don’t give up on YouTube just ensure you follow the steps in this article and you can transform your video efforts.