“What does Tresaca mean?”

“How did your mother come up with that name?”

“How did you come up with Black Unicorn Communications?”

“What does Black Unicorn mean?”

I have been asked these questions countless times in my life.

The only choice I had regarding the selection of my

first name was choosing the pronunciation of it.

I eventually realized that the meaning of my name

was up to me, and that it was much more than just a name.

It was a part of me and I was much more than a name.

My name could mean whatever I wanted it to mean,

and like me there were no limits when it came to defining it.

When it came to creating a name for my business, I did so

with the knowledge that it was much more than just a name.

It was also the beginning of creating the essence of what

the name really means and what I wanted it to mean.

What is the difference between your name and

the name of your business?

When it comes to your name, what matters most

is what your name means to YOU.

When it comes to your business, what matters most

is what your business name means to YOUR TARGET MARKET.

When your prospects see or hear your business name,

you want them to immediately associate that name

with positive feelings.

You want your business name to evoke a sense of

trust, respect, and loyalty.

As your business name becomes more familiar

to your target market, you want them to think

about what your business name really means to them.

When it comes to the name game,

make sure your prospects can answer

the following questions about your business

when they see or hear your business name:

1. What is the essence of your business?

2. What adjectives describe your business?

3. What is your business mission statement?

4. What does your business stand for?

5. How can your business be of service to them?

6. Why should they choose your business to

solve their problems instead of your competitors?

Your business is much more than just a name,

so make sure your target market really knows

what your business name means.

Make sure it means the same thing to them

that it does to you.

When your target market truly understands

the meaning of your business and how it

can help solve their problems, they will

really know the true essence of your business.

And that is what matters most.

Copyright 2004 Black Unicorn Communications, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.