Those days have gone when people used to depend on print media to flock information. It is just because finding details online is trouble-free as well as time-saving. With the revolution of Magazine Subscriptions Online, Book lovers shall have to carry no more plethoras of paperbacks!

Electronic publishing is also familiar as desktop publishing, online publishing or simply web publishing. E-publishing includes e-books, EPUBs, and electronic articles. Scroll down to check the key features of e-publishing

– Hoards printing and distribution

– Endows high global visibility

– Overcomes geological restrictions that are widespread in print media

– Distribution and publication time has abridged substantially

– Anyone can read the published content on a website or on a tablet device, or in a PDF on a computer

– Large collections can be probed simultaneously

– Reduces paper processing, binding, risk of loss/damage

What are the various e-publishing models?

E-publishing has made wonders in the digital media. Let’s look into the various models of online publishing

1. Digital Publishing

This method delivers media content such as audio, video, software that doesn’t exploit physical media like internet. In other words, it is pertinent to downloadable add-ons / software distribution. With the development in network it became popular in the mid of 2000’s.

2. Online promotion

Online promotion or simply online advertising plays an important role in marketing products and services over the internet. This can be achieved through various platforms like ranking in search engines, advertising in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. blogs, banner ads and more.

3. Print on Demand

The tile itself reveals that the printing would be done only when the order has been placed. This method follows fixed pricing per copy and very less or no waste is incurred. Also, this method avoids stocking, handling costs as well as accounting costs.

4. Subscription

In order to access the product or service the user has to pay fees that is termed as subscription fee. This was once pioneered by magazines and newspapers but now it is widely adapted by many businesses.

On the whole, it doesn’t mean selling of the product or service but it is periodic selling may me monthly or yearly. In course of time, this model drew attention of telephone companies, cell phone companies, internet providers, magazines, journals and many more service providers.

5. Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing is nothing but publishing any book or piece of work by an author without the involvement of third-party publisher. The author himself is solely responsible right from design to marketing. But the authors can now take a deep breath as the outsource companies that offers all these services have sprung up.

As the saying goes, “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale”… Suit yourself to any of the best E-publishing methods and reach your business to great heights!