The CRAZY MATH to Growing YOUR Business

If you have room in your business growth plans for a small book that will make a big impact in your business… then read on.

When the home inspector finished inspecting my house, he handed me a DIY book. It probably cost him $10 at the store… but in return, he got every home inspector referral from me for years and years!

THE CRAZY MATH: Countless referrals = one $10 book

I tried the same approach myself. When looking to buy a new home, I gave the realtor a copy of a recent book I had published. “Thanks,” he replied… then he said, “If you buy a house from me, I’ll knock a $1000 off the price.”

THE CRAZY MATH: $1000 discount = one $3 book

I honestly do not know what your math will be, but I guarantee it will be good! It will be far more than 1 + 1 = 2. That is because books have an uncanny way of making a big, long-term, highly beneficial impact.

Maybe it will come back to you in the form of referrals, open doors, respect, more sales, happy customers, higher speaking fees, or word of mouth marketing. Either way, it’s a great return on your investment… especially if the book you gave away only cost you $2!

THE CRAZY MATH: Limitless referrals = $2 book

THE CRAZY MATH: More sales = $2 book

THE CRAZY MATH: Higher speaking fees = $2 book

Yes, one book can bring you limitless referrals. It can bring you a whole lot more. Whatever you are looking to grow in your business, the right book can add fuel to your fire and light things up… for your benefit.

To meet that very real need, I went to work and created a series of gift books for businesses to give out… for the specific purpose of doing THE CRAZY MATH! Those books include:

  • SUCCESS – How to Have More Of It
  • POTENTIAL – How to Reach It
  • MY BUCKET LIST – What’s Important to Me

These small books are 5×7 paperback books, only 64 pages long… the perfect size these days to make an impact in busy people’s lives. And they cost only $2 each.

When you buy a box (100 books in a box), a steep 75% discount off retail of $7.99 per book applies. And the S/H for your box of 100 books is FREE with all pre-orders. (Regular price is $249 for a box of 100 books.)

Simply give a copy of the book to your prospects, customers, clients, leads, friends, and fans… and stand back and watch what happens!

For just $2 per book, you can do your own CRAZY MATH.