International Courier companies around the world are preparing themselves for the busy festive period ahead.

With the growth in online sales and ecommerce trading over the last few years, courier companies have had to be able to cope with the demand in services, not only with local transportation but also international consignments.

Online Trading has given retailers the opportunity to be based anywhere in the world whilst still be able to retail their products in any given country. Reasons for relocation might be cheaper overheads and taxes, but in turn this leads to the requirement for international couriers to help deliver the products overseas.

Naturally, online retailing happens 365 days of the year but come the Festive period, sales can quite literally ‘boom’ putting additional demands on the international courier industry. It is important that the couriers can meet these demands given the expectations that the festive period brings!

One of the issues that might cause delays during winter is the weather. Be it increased turbulence or icy roads the International Couriers need to try to deliver whatever the weather. However, as we saw in the U.K. a couple of years ago sometimes it is just too dangerous to attempt to make a delivery. No matter how much the courier companies prepare for the festive delivery rush it can all change at the drop of a hat if the weather turns on them. For this reason, it is always recommended that online shoppers refrain from ordering their gifts at the very last minute to avoid disappointment.

One of the other things that online retailers do to try and avoid consumer disappointment is provide shipping cut off points. The retailers will work with the courier companies to advertise a date that is realistic in terms of getting the products to the front door of the consumer on time. The onus is then on the customer to ensure that they place their orders before the deadline date to ensure a timely delivery.

So, whilst most companies around the world slowly wind down to the Christmas break it really is quite the opposite for International Couriers and Courier Companies. The festive season is one of, if not the busiest time of year for them and can often continue right up to the last drop on Christmas Eve.

The increased in demand needs to be managed sufficiently to ensure that service levels do not drop – otherwise complaints could end up flooding in, not only from the end consumer but also the retailer that the courier is working for.

Each and every year, during the festive period the International Courier is under immense pressure to reach the expectations of the world in time for Christmas.