By developing effective working practices, you are leading the way in your business with a great example to others as well!

Effective working practices will reduce your stress and fatigue levels, as well as you becoming a better human being, which will help in hop you develop relationships, the cornerstone of great management.

Many things will simplify your business lives. Many of them indeed are simple too. So, it’s all about finding the easy path to make your effective working practices work best for you. Some tips here are easy, others are bit more challenging.

And it’s important to remember that with these – you are in control.

Let’s take a look at a few simple ideas you can do today!

1) Defluff Your Monitor

It’s important to help yourself and monitoring ‘fluff’ is one thing you have absolute control over.

So don’t forget to remove self-inflicted distractions like notes; fluffy ornaments (dice are a common one); jokes and any other of 101 different things that people wind up cluttering the edge of their screen with!

Whilst it might have been funny once to have a saying like, ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps’, in the end, it just adds to the fluff and gets in your way, holding back your effective working practices and that means holding you back too.

2) Prioritize Hard Copy Access

You will find that you use some documents much more frequently than others. It’s a really efficient and effective working practice to have a ‘fast-access’ file that you can get your hands on quickly.

Initially it might take a few trial runs to see how this works. Truth is that there are relatively few documents you need that often, so providing a space nearby for just those, will mean that you efficiently get at them when you need them.

Bonus Tip! Similarly look at the growing pile of paper that has accumulated in that partially hidden corner, which you mean to get round to one day (meaning that you probably won’t). So dump it! You will be amazed how good it feels!

3) And Then Prioritize Soft Copy Access Too

The same goes for files on your computer too. By having a ‘current’ folder full of necessary files on your desktop, you will easily get to the stuff you need frequently, or are working on a lot.

It’s an effective working practice that saves a lot of hunting around and will make you a lot less frustrated and effective too. And, of course, it means you have a lot less icons on your desktop.

Then you can properly see the wonderful dreamy photo of your vacation/dog/lover/kids/dream Mercedes/dream lover all the better (maybe that’s not an effective working practice, but hey, who’s perfect?).

Three simple ideas to deliver effective working practices for you, in your workplace, and you can start right now.