Predicting Marketing’s Future At The Dawn Of The Age Of E-Commerce

This we know for certain. Digital technology has opened the floodgate to electronic commerce. And electronic commerce has changed buying behaviour faster than anyone believed it could.

E-commerce has taken hold.

Online sales are exploding. The Web and electronic commerce already have begun to spawn whole new global businesses-e.g., E*Trade, eBay. What we see is nothing less than the dawning of a global “digiconomy”- a new form of global distribution and sales that bypasses bricks and mortar and the traditional infrastructure usually associated with the marketing of goods and services. For whole hosts of industries, E-commerce is a faster, cheaper, and far more effective way of selling goods and services anywhere in the world.

Transactional TV

We predict the next pivotal event is the transformation of the passive TV into an interactive transactional tool. Consumers will not need computers to surf the Web in pursuit of buying products and services. They’ll be able to connect with the Web right on their TV sets.

What makes this transformation possible is broadband technology.

The magic of broadband technology is that, unlike narrowband, constrained by phone wires and modems, it brings high-resolution, full-motion, interactive video to the screen, images on the Web, for the first time, will be TV quality.

The most potent marketing weapon.

With the dawning of transactional TV, brand values will draw as much from real time Web interaction as from the traditional TV commercial. The Television Advertising Channel with its Television Advertising Games will make the advertising compelling and interactive.

TAC will be the most potent transactional medium ever and

the most effective global marketing weapon marketers have


In addition, it opens up a new era of accountability. For as many people are credited to have said, “I know half the money I spend in advertising is wasted. The only problem is that I don’t know which half.”

At the turn of the new century, with the new Television Advertising Channel with its varied Television Advertising Games we’ll know which half is wasted-and so will our Clients-because every visit to our Game(s) and every transaction are a data point that can be tracked. That’s accountability.