The Role Of Outsourcing When Mastering Business Agility

Successfully navigating change in today’s increasingly shorter and more powerful business cycles demands business agility. To further develop your agility requires continuously improving your offer by learning more and mastering each step in your business process. The most effective and economical way to increase your capacity for success is with world-class blended learning delivered to you and your customers on demand, wherever and whenever. Yet with the learning threshold being raised all the time, is it any longer economically or practically possible to expect your internal training department to stay on the cutting-edge?

Just keeping up with this increasing deluge of new information is now a full-time job. Effectively transforming this knowledge into understandable and useable learning (in time to capitalize on it) is an overwhelming task. What are your chances for delivering cutting edge training from a typical and usually underfunded internal training department? Add to this that most current managers have now been thoroughly programmed to know that, “when times get tough, training the first thing to be cut“. This anachronistic and self-defeating behavior screams for newer more agile strategies.

Regardless of whether today’s economic situation improves or explodes, one thing is for sure; it will do it more quickly and more powerfully. To remain competitive going forward, you and your customers need world-class learning resources on demand! The best, most effective and economical way to accomplish this will be to work with a creative, pure-play blended learning partner of world-class caliber.

You need a partner that understands the power and flexibility of blended learning. A team that knows how to use a powerful blended learning asset to increase your company’s agility, from the individual to the corporate level. It is an extreme bonus if that chosen group understands your business. It is better still if they know you and your company personally. Enter “Carve Outsourcing”. This is outsourcing with a twist. The twist is to outsource your own training department to a pure-play blended learning organization and then hire those improved services back into your organization often with a greatly improved cost structure.

This carve outsourcing model has a number of benefits that will keep you competitive regardless of the current and increasingly uncertain business climate. Just some of them are listed below:

  • The training quality will always be AT LEAST as good as it was when it was internal.
  • Imbedded costs immediately become a monthly service charge and often ends up being up to 25% less, due to increased efficiency
  • Your former employees go from being a necessary internal headache to valuable world-class training expert, champions in their field.
  • You get to work with colleagues you know understand your needs wants and wishes.
  • If you still don’t get what you want you are free to choose another supplier

Efficient training will keep you competitive.

We also suggest that training has now become one of your most important communication tools! In today’s unforgiving business environment your training needs to be spared when budget cuts become necessary. In fact, we encourage you to move training from being an uneventful backwater in HR – into marketing!

Training is an incredible resource for communicating your message from management out to your customer and receiving useable feedback. With the exception of sales, who in your organization has their finger on the pulse of your customer, market and competition more than your trainers? They are used to having to justify their existence by keeping updated with fresh input. They HAVE to know what is going on and DELIVER IT if they are going to retain you as their loyal client. Also remember that your customers are usually much more at ease and willing to talk with trainers regarding problems than with your sales people. In short, your trainers now have the freedom and resources to monitor, learn and develop from what others in your market are doing to remain competitive and keep your business.

Increasing your business agility through Outsourcing with a pure-play blended learning partner will soon be the only way to truly remain highly competitive and profitable in a market that can now creatively destroy your best laid marketing plans overnight.