Let’s start by clarifying the word perfect. What am I talking about when I say perfect? Toothbrushes? Of course a branded toothbrush is a perfect handout for a dentist’s office to give to clients. What I mean when I say perfect is that the current trending handout is a great fit right now.

So what is the product? Screen Cleaner Stickers… boom.

What are they you ask?

Promo companies have been blasting these around events for a few years with great success. The product is a microfiber screen cleaner that sticks to the back of your phone. You peel off the sticker (non adhesive- think tiny suction cups) and clean the screen with the microfiber front that also has a logo or message on it. Very cool.

Why are those a top handout you ask?

1. It’s the mobile revolution

As of 2014 the majority of traffic online is from mobile devices rather than desktop computers. I know, I know, take a moment. That means that a staggering amount of cell phones are out there. That means that everybody you know, including, I would venture to guess, every single one of your clients for your office has a cell phone. In terms of picking a product that has vast appeal amongst your clients I can’t think of something as powerful as something that applies to phones.

2. It’s a useful handout

How many times have you wiped your phone on your pants? I can confidently say that I do almost every day. No shame. Once you start throwing in football snacks and cheek makeup you have a recipe for a very dirty and smudgy screen. So, throw in a handout that cleans your phone screen and you have a hit.

3. People check their phones 150 times a day on average

I bet if you aren’t already reading this on your phone you have checked your phone while reading this. People check their phones 150 times a day, which means they are usually feverishly checking for some reason or another. Imagine having your brand or message for all to see every time someone is checking their phones. Not only will people notice, they will ask what that thing is and how it works. Your clients at your dentist or doctor’s office will be walking around with your logo, creating referrals.

As always, good promo companies will offer free samples of their products and will work with you on price. Happy hunting!