Most businesses out there are all too aware of the very important role an access control system can play for ensuring their security of their day-to-day operations and indeed, the majority already successfully use such systems.

While smart card or token-based access control systems have been around for quite some time, biometric solutions have become increasingly popular over the past few years, as they make the authentication process much more secure, easier and faster, while also delivering a very good ROI.

When using a biometric access control system, you simply can’t forge or forget your means of access because individuals are identified according to their distinctive personal traits and characteristics.

Biometric Access Control Systems – Key Advantages

Added Security

Biometric systems identify each individual according to their distinctive physical traits and characteristics. Employers have a plethora of characteristics to choose from in order to use as an employee’s key – in fact, fingerprints, palm prints, their DNA, voice and even their face can be used as a key. Another major advantage is that biometric characteristics are very difficult to replicate or steal; hence they will be a long term security solution for your company.

Superior Accuracy

Biometric Access Control Readers can deliver a significantly higher level of accuracy compared to the more traditional solutions, such as passwords, access cards or personal identification numbers (PIN). This is because the biological characteristics used by biometric technology cannot be easily replicated, meaning that only authorized persons will be granted access at any given time.

Audit Trail

Biometric access control systems offer companies the benefit of an easily accessible audit trail, because a particular person can be immediately linked to a particular action or an event. This feature is particularly useful in the unfortunate case of a security breach, because company management will be able to easily and rapidly identify the responsible parties.

User-Friendly and Time Saving

Modern biometric access control systems are both very easy to use and safe. They are also very quick, since a person’s characteristics can be read and compared against an existing database in a matter of seconds.

Both the hardware and the associated software are very easy to use, and the use of this technology can help firms increase their overall productivity and reduce costs by eliminating fraud and waste.

Enhanced Versatility and Scalability

Companies have multiple types of biometric access control systems and authentication methods to choose from nowadays, including: fingerprint, facial, palm, iris or voice. These systems can be combined and customized to be used at security checkpoints installed at entrances, exits, doorways, and more.

Besides restricting access to specific zones, biometric readers can also be used for attendance recording purposes. Adding extra components to the system is also easy, so companies can easily customize their systems based on their specific needs and requirements.

Very Good ROI (Return on Investment)

Biometric access control solutions can deliver an excellent return on investment (ROI), because, besides enforcing security, they can also be used to eliminate time theft via “buddy punching,” lower payroll costs, enable the correct and highly accurate calculation of work hours, and cut workforce management time.