Many businesses are asking the question “Why use an App for my business?”

Having an App for your business can be a strategic method for gaining more visitors to your brand and website, thus increasing Google rankings, sales, turn over and therefor PROFIT.

Increasingly mobile users are downloading Apps, for various reasons. Some are for fun but others are used as offline brochures or data entry Apps. There are more than half a million in the iTunes App Store, more than 400,000 in the Android Market, and more than 50,000 in the small-but-growing Windows Phone Marketplace.


A mobile app is a great method for marketing your business to new customers. But also to engage your current customers. Your mobile app will be a way of advertising your business and convincing people to frequent it. The key, of course, is to have an excellent App but it could be simple, like a brochure or catalogue.

Use an App as part of your Social Media campaign, add it to Facebook or Twitter, engaging your customers in a different way to that of your competitors. This could be a fun App, something that makes you stand out, be different… attract media attention that gets your name mentioned, visitors will want to find your website, increase visitors will increase rankings.

You may develop an App that is attached to your website, that will stand out from the crowd, become viral and start to gain an audience that you would not have imagined before. Get people talking about your App, what a great way to advertise!! You can distribute vouchers, advertise discounts, sales and promotions. You can also use your app as an opportunity to invite people to sign up for your newsletter or text promotions.


Your mobile app will also perform a very important function of connecting you with your consumers. Depending on how you design your app, it could have very interactive features. Interactive functions can enable your visitors get in touch or place orders. For example, a mobile app could give people a very easy, quick way to contact you, such as directly placing an order or finding a local store. The connections created through your mobile app will only serve to make your business stronger. With so many businesses to choose from, it’s so important to foster a personal connection with your customers whenever possible.

Mainly a mobile App can get your company brand or image out to a wider audience, can be used as a work tool, sales tool or a fun App to advertise. Call us to discuss how an App can be of benefit to your company.

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