TEAM DECISION MAKING: Managers who invite participation believe that people directly affected by a decision should be involved in making that decision. The effort is toward joint, cooperative decision making. The aim is to give employees a chance to have a say about things that affect them. This means giving them more control over their own work and giving up some of your own power and control.

THE EFFECTS OF PARTICIPATION: As a supervisor you’d like your people to work hard. You’d like to have the information you need to operate well and to get ideas on how to solve problems you face. It would be great to have high quality decisions carried out well and willingly. Having employees participate in decision making can produce these results. },

BUILDING A GOOD WORK CLIMATE: An employee who feels that work is a good place to be is more productive. Work is more enjoyable when the area is pleasant, the people easy to get along with, and where there is team work. In such settings tardiness and absences go down, while productivity goes up. A good work environment can improve morale and encourage employees to cooperate to get the job done. It helps them become a team, rather than just a group of people waiting for a paycheck who don’t care about their work, their fellow employees, the organization, or themselves.