People are usually frustrated to receive negative feedback on their manuscripts. Yet, your supervisor is correct about how the grammatical errors hurt your writing. Thus, you have to enhance your proofreading and editing skills. Once it is not done, these errors can have a serious negative impact on your work.

Understand why Editing and Proofreading is important

Editing and proofreading are necessary parts of the writing process. They aid with the effectiveness of the clarity and writing style of your ideas. Usually, writers and students think that they are the same, yet there are evident differences between the two. Editing needs you to reread your draft to check for more important issues. This includes content, organization, and paragraph structure.

Yet, when you proofread, you are giving attention to searching and correcting errors in grammar, writing, and language. To start with, you can check the comment of your supervisor. This aids you determine what to look for as you begin the process. You can also perform grammar and language checks on your manuscript using a potent writing assistant.

Top Editing and Proofreading Services

  • Papertrue

Papertrue is a popular editing and proofreading company. That will make sure your documents are not only error-free yet that your writing itself remains significant. The company works with students, authors, businesses, academics, and ESL writers. You can expect their services to be comprehensive, efficient, and confidential.

  • Enago

Enago is also an editing and proofreading company that is an expert in working with academic and research material. They have a global presence, and usually, work with clients. Who desire to be published in some of the world’s top peer-reviewed journals. You will be working with an expert in the field you are working on. This will make sure that editing does not derange your content.

  • Wordvice

Wordvice has participated in research and academic institutions since 2013. This is to edit and proofread academic papers in various fields. Their vision is to improve their client’s academic, business, and research venture with three priorities in mind. Affordable prices, high quality, and punctual delivery.

  • Scribendi

Scribendi is established in 1997, it is an editing and proofreading service. That has checked and edited documents for corporations, academics, students, and authors. They have affordable and fast services. If you’re experiencing a deadline crunch, you can have your work reviewed as quickly as 4 hours.

  • Global English Editing

Global English Editing is a service that works with academics, students, businesses, and authors across the globe. That focuses on quality editing, they also have professional editors that are experts in different fields. Your document will be patched through an editor who is great in the field you’re writing in. After that, they will back the documents with one with all the noticeable changes and a clean copy.