Honeymoon Over

There’s a honeymoon period in work that lasts about six months on average. Employees start out with high trust and enthusiasm. The employer is benefiting from both the aptitude and the attitude. After this phase, an employees’ motivation drops.

While we hired the best match aptitude, we now have lost sight of the right attitude. The “t”, the one in attitude that makes it positive and optimistic, how did that get lost or skewed? Eighty percent of the time is it is the employer, the business owner or manager, who is the one demotivating the employee!

Your leadership style

The most direct path and quickest cure to motivating employees is in your leadership style and how it affects all the human elements.

How is your leadership style supporting the basic needs of supportive relationships? Do you build or breakdown trust? Do you listen or just listen to what you want to hear? Do you mind read what motivates people or do you watch what makes them smile, hear what puts hope in their voice and also ask them? Do you analyze and implement as money saving alternatives as possible instead of cutting your human resources too quickly? If your own attitude and actions support productive and respectful employee relationships, you will get an A motivation rating with your employees who want supportive relationships from both their managers and peers. The camaraderie from this style will be the glue that raises morale or the organization’s motivation.

In a “we want it now” age, the business owner and manager can more easily create a motivating environment that satisfies security, meaningful and supportive relationships. Take a look at your leadership style and then take the appropriate actions to update it.

The article Motivating Employees in the Workplace, gives you a birds eye view of the four key factors to create a motivating environment for employees.