Relationship Between PR and the Media

Public Relations and the media industry share a relationship that is complex and in a way, interdependent.

PR and the Media

On the other hand, the media look to PR to receive interesting stories. With the media industry getting bigger and the newspapers and publications becoming thicker, the media relies on the PR industry to fill its pages with exciting news.

Building Stories

The basis of building a strong media relationship is research. PR practitioners need to understand the needs of their clients and communicate with the right media who can deliver it successfully.

The strength of PR lies in finding the most interesting and compelling stories of the company and using effective narrative skills to spread a positive outlook about the company. PR practitioners must be constantly aware of the breaking news and latest topics. They must somehow try to connect the client’s message with the news to turn them into a compelling and engaging story. For example, if the upcoming month is dedicated to cancer awareness, you can let one of the doctors from your hospital participate on a national talk show.

Once the PR has newsworthy stories, the next step is to contact the relevant broadcasters and journalists.

Relationship with the Media

Finding the right person who will be interested in your story is crucial. Else, you’ll be knocking on the wrong person’s door and wasting all your effort and time.

An effective pitch is the first step of contact with the media. If your pitch is valuable, it can be the start of a strong relationship with the media. So, make sure you contact the correct individual and with the information that they would want to work with.

Once the initial communication is made, it is important to put in a continuous effort to strengthen the ties with the media.

PR and the Internet

In the past few years, PR is constantly aware of the power of the internet. With conversations happening in the social media every second, it is important for the PR industry to monitor what is being said about their clients in the internet sphere.

The Internet is ruled by bloggers, online broadcasters, relevant sites and influencers. It is crucial for the PR industry to maintain a cordial relationship with these parties. Through the internet medium, PR can spread their message through viral marketing.

Unlike the traditional media, the Internet is in a way a two-way communication channel. When a PR practitioner uses the internet to dispatch articles and blogs, they must respond quickly to the audience’s feedback, comments and views.

With honest and continuous communication, the PR and the media industry can build a mutually beneficial relationship.